State Council

(Pictured clockwise from bottom left) Richard Whetstone, Kipp Penrod, Glenn Davis, Adam Bower, Robert Brookins, Tony Cooper (Administrative Bishop), Robert Hinson, Aaron Whetstone, Arthur Karick, Marcus Abernethy and Timothy Redmond (Alternates) Kenneth Wade and Dean Ramsey

Youth & Discipleship Board

(Front Row) Jenna Morris and Tara Karick (Back Row) Dean Ramsey, Josh Martin (Youth & Discipleship Director), Jonathan Kisner and Mathew D. George
(not pictured) Jude Felix and J.J. Chiara (Alternates) David Hann and Craig Amore

State Women's Discipleship Board

(Pictured Above from left to right on front row)
Kathy Cooper (State Women’s Discipleship Director) and Paige Martin
(Pictured from left to right on back row)
Dixie Penrod, Bobbie Abernethy, Robin Redmond, Janice Karick, Erica Bower, Margaret Brookins, Carol Hinson, Angie Whetstone
(not pictured)
Melissa Davis and Jean Whetstone

State Ministerial Credentialing & Examining Board

Arthur Karick (Chairman), Robert Brookins and Robert Hinson (Co-Chairmen), Garvin R. Floyd, Chris Faylor, Doug Bowers Jr, Dennis Walton, Jonathan Kisner, Timothy Redmond, James Spivey and Jenna Morris

Board of Ministerial Development

Kipp Penrod (Chairman and Coordinator of Ministerial Internship Program), J.J. Chiara (Co-Chairman of MIP), Delphine Allen, Yvonne Burns, Willie James, Denise Percival, Glenn Davis and Robin Redmond

Aaron Whetstone (Coordinator of Calling and Ministry Studies or CAMS)
Dean Ramsey (Co-Coordinator of CAMS – East)
Kenneth Wade (Co-Coordinator of CAMS – West)

State CAMS Interview Board

The State Ministerial Credentialing and Examining Board will serve in this capacity.

PA Multiply/ Church Planting & Revitalization Board

Mathew D. George (Coordinator), Mike Grove (Co-Coordinator), Adam Bower, Josiah Smith, Walter Mitchum, Kenneth Wade, Dean Sisk and Don Steffy

State Adult Discipleship Board

Stanley Flasher and Clifford Lattimore

Pennsylvania Men and Women of Action Board

Joe Sclafani (Coordinator)

State Music Board

Josh Martin (Coordinator), Kevin Rhodes (Chairman), Johnny Bayush, Stephen Poyser, Wayne Robertson, Heather Hilker and Joe Drovich

State Ministerial Care Representative

M.D. and Anna Herring

State Senior Adult Representatives

Josh Martin (Coordinator), Marcus Abernethy (Chairman) & Bobbie Abernethy (Co-Chairman)

State SpiritCare Representative

Robert Varner

State Board of Trustees

Kipp Penrod (Chairman) Dean Ramsey and Timothy Redmond

State Jail and Prison Coordinator

State Leadership Development Team

Kyle Hinson (Chairman), Kevin Wells, Josiah Smith, Glenn Davis and David Nagele III

State Prayer Team

David Martin (Coordinator), Delphine Allen (Co-Coordinator), Robert Brookins, Margaret Brookins, Carmen Butler, Rose Butler, Dorothy Hilliard and M.D. Herring

State Vital Initiative Representatives

Gary Boor (Chairman), Richard Whetstone (Co-Chairman), Floyd Myers, Marcus Abernethy and Mike Singo

State World Missions Board

Floyd Myers (Chairman), Rick Smith (Co-Chairman), Doug Bowers, Mike Grove, Renjen Cherian, David Nagele Jr, Kim Swindell, Kyle Hinson and Willian Kisner